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Ancient Lover byJanet Caldwell
Poetry /Erotic /Fantasy / Myth

It is said we make love with our minds rather than our bodies. Here the poet leves her body behind and conducts the whole act in her mind, accompanied through the various sex acts of her dream by her fantasy Ancient Lover who comes to her from the sea. A very significant mythical reference and a touch of Salvador Dali style symbolism here in this very ereotic poem.

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Poets and writers used to be hedonists, Byron was described as mad, bad and dangerous to know, Coleridge was a drug addict, Dylan Thomas a hellraising drunk many other were prodigious drinkers, shaggers, promiscuous homosexuals and compuslive gambers. More recently however poetry and literatute like so much of cultural life has been hijacked by The Politically Correct Thought Police. The fightback starts here. This poem is about feral passion and rule breaking sex in the well ordered world of suburbia.

Devil Raise Me From The Grave
Poets and writers used to be hedonists, Byron was described as Mad, bad and dangerous to know, Coleridge was a drug addict, Dylan Thomas a hellraising drunk many other were prodigious drinkers, shaggers, promiscuous homosexuals and compuslive gambers. More recently however poetry and literatute like so much of cultural life has been hijacked by The Politically Correct Thought Police, the righteous hand wringers who would turn all of us into unthinking automatons, slaves of the all powerful state. In Devil Raise Me From The Grave a man looks back from middle age, yearing for the life he imagined would be his...

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The case for carbon driven anthropogenic global warming was made they said, the science was settled brandishing the infamously phoney "hockey stick graph. All that remained, our leaders said was tu let the scientists loose with unproven technologies and unforseeable consequences, let the politicians loose with unprecedented taxes to tax each journey and tax us when we sit at home and to let loose the billionaires to make markers in self indulgence andtrade carbon allowances. It was a scam, the science was not settled. 2000 years ago Cicero asked the Roman senate "Cui bono," who benefits. We should always ask they same when scientists and politicians tell us they are acting in the public good. Text Only The Offcomer
A short verse reminding everyone to care for the birds in this current bout of "global warming" that has seen temperatures plunge to record lows in the coldest November and December on record.

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A poem for the vernal equinox from Ian R. Thorpe's Eightfold Year set which celbrates the festivals and season of the North European pagan year. These nature poems concentrate on the rhythms of the natural cycle, birth, growth, maturity, decline, death and rebirth and relate them to the cycles of human life. From the darkness looks at the return of life to the landscape after the dark, cold days of winter.

Abstract Expressionism
We live in an age of plenty, when poverty is defined by not having the latest designer clothing or an internet enabled smartphone, there is a new, invisible kind of poverty. It can be seen in the faces of people who look affluent and well provided for, in the emptiness in their eyes. It is not poverty through lack of money but deprivation of those bonds of family and community that anchor us spiritually. Such separation can often lead to loneliness, isolation, depression and insanity, true poverty among material plenty as depicted in this story in verse based on a real event.

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A hedonists denunciation of politically correct hypocrisy; a savage indictment of the self righteous, authoritarian, politically correct left by a lifelong anarchist who has rebelled against everything and is not yet ready to be told what he has to think or believe. by British poet Ian R Thorpe
A Pale Horse - poem Ian R Thorpe, music Brother Bastion
A poem of grief for a lover who might have taken her own life ... or a lament for a fantasy. Why was she hanged from a willow tree by a stream, what's important about the redness of her lips or the contrast of her back hair against the white linen? The rider on the pale horse is an obvious reference to the Bible but how can the sacrifice of the narrative voice let the woman live again. Those are just a few hints to help you unravel this mystical lyric with so many pagan flavours.
Love Like ChainsTo many people love is the thing that sets them free but to some it is a prison. This poem by English poet Ian R. Thorpe looks at how some women in particular are slaves to jealousy and wear their love like chains.

  • Ancient Rites - Guilty FeelingsAnybody who has never cheated has never been in love. Even if it is only a dream, a wish, a desire to be with someone else, if you look at your partner and see someone else's face. Quite simply the rules imposed on us only make most people unhappy. The only rule to be applied constantly for a happy partnership is "tolerate and forgive - we're all human." As for those constraints imposed by creed and convention, when the hormones speak, rules should all be suspended until chemical balance is restored. Armageddon - Ian R Thorpe

    2012? Who cares about Nostradamus, the Mayan calendar and Armageddon - its not the end of the world is it

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    A Happy, HAPPY Christmas to you all! May you give and share the joys, wonders and peace of the season with everyone you meet. And stay warm and well and approach the New Year with confidence. Thank you for your on-going friendship, support and great encouragement and I look forward to what's ahead for each of us in 2011 - may it be GOOD!

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    A short verse reminding everyone to care for the birds in this current bout of "global warming" that has seen temperatures plunge to record lows in the coldest November and December on record.

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  • Ancient Lover

    Part I
    I found myself dreaming, floating,
    A green sea surrounding me,
    waves crashing, foam splashing;
    incredible, lovely, lovely dream.

    Swimming through the channel
    of love so deep, colours without name,
    silky objects so provocative.
    Meaty, taunting, teasing so easily.

    Whirlpools with a thousand
    tiny fingers take me with might,
    moving me on a wave of ecstasy,
    hurling me through worlds known

    and unknown, yet all faces seen.
    Ancient lover, greatest passion,
    my love without question
    reaches for me...

    Part II

    His hands so fmiliar
    make my rubies hard,
    my flower of nirvana
    is his greatest reward.

    Slowly, deliberately
    he peels my every petal,
    tasting and licking my vine.
    A sea flower, so tasty am I.

    Full of colour and sustenance
    of the loving kind, I am lost
    in this erotic sea, I don't want
    to ever wake up...

    Seven times he took me extreme...
    Far to the other side, swimming laps
    through his columns, I couldn't get

    For a thousand years
    he has been in my dreams.
    And he took me once again
    to a place that he's shown me.
    I see that my ancient lover is coming
    home from the turbulent sea.


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