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Brother Bastion - Singer Songwriter
Singer - songwriter Brother Bastion sings about Love, Loss, Redemption, Tequila, Dysfunction, Cider, Drugs, Disillusion, Synthetic delusional episodes, Pain, Jail, the Gutters and the Stars, Insanity, Profanity, Sex, Death, Absolution, Adultery, Revenge, Reflection, A good bit of old fashioned Lust, and whatever else interests him

Singer songwriter Brother Bastion on stage at Leeds, 2008
About Brother Bastion

I can't remember how or where I thought up the name Brother Bastion but it was better than the previous name I gigged under, a lot better! I play a jumbo acoustic guitar and sing, sometimes with a kick drum on my right foot, a maraca strapped to my left foot, harmonica round my neck on occasion and you may even see me beat-box better than Rahzel once every blue moon; but I try to keep it basic!

I sing songs about Love, Loss, Redemption, Tequila, Dysfunction, Cider, Drugs, Disillusion, Synthetic delusional episodes, Pain, Jail, the Gutters and the Stars, Insanity, Profanity, Sex, Death, Absolution, Adultery, Revenge, Reflection, A good bit of old fashioned Lust, and whatever else pops into the bubbling cauldron that is my brain.

Before going solo I played in a good few bands as a bassist, most memorably(for me, that is) with Don't Feed The Bears, and then Fetish R.I.P. (check them out in my top friends). If you want a copy of my current EP giz a shout, likewise if you wanna book me for a show, or just stop by to say hello by all means! You can also email me at brotherbastion@hotmail.co.uk. Peace to all who pass by...!

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Praying Mantis
A chance encounter in a bar leads first to beer and dope fuelled casual sex and then to something far more permanent for the narrative voice singing this song.

Leave This Town
A song of the alienation and anger that afflicts the "lost generation" after the insane experiment with unregulated capitalism was allowed to destroy communities and cultures.


BOTHER BASTION - Music Influences

John Lee Hooker,
Johnny Cash,
Dead Kennedys (Jello era only, not now!),
Tom Waits,
Richard Thompson,
Billie Holliday,
Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Bob Dylan,
The Clash,
Black Sabbath (with Ozzy),
Public Enemy,
Beastie Boys,
The Damned,
Iggy Pop,
Velvet Underground,
Sex Pistols,
Al Green,
Frank Zappa,
John Martyn,
Ennio Morricone,
Faith No More,
, Led Zepplin,
Rufus & Martha Wainwright,
and Loudon Wainwright III,
The Pixies,
Link Wray,
Rage Against the Machine,
Pink Floyd,
Horace Andy,
Roots Manuva,
Stone Roses,
Happy Mondays,
Cypress Hill,
Rolling Stones,
Spinal Tap,
The Smiths,
Janis Joplin,
Red Snapper,
Pearl Jam,
Johnny Thunders,
The Zutons,
Blind WIllie McTell
, Devandra Banhart,
Stringybark McDowell,
Curtis Mayfield,
Blind Lemon Jefferson,
Muddy Waters,
The Beatles,
The Who,
Van Morrison,
Roy Harper,
Bo Diddley,
Jeffrey Lewis,
Talking Heads,
Christie Moore,
Green Day,
Run DMC,
Elvis (Presley AND Costello),
Stiff Little Fingers,
BB King,
Black Flag,
The Ramones,
Jefferson Airplane,
The Doors,
Smashing Pumpkins,
Husker Du,
Woody Guthrie,
Bill Withers,
Ewan McColl,
The Pogues,
Belle & Sebastian,
Queens of the Stone Age,
Bad Brains,
Blind Boys of Alabama,
Alabama 3,
Neil Young,
Buffalo Springfield,
Willie Nelson,
The Specials,
Michael Caine,
Jane's Addiction,
Jurassic 5,
Beta Band,
Afrika Bambaata,
Bob Marley,

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