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Once inside the couple's home Lesley made her excuse, saying she wanted to remove the pale pancake makeup and get out of the constricting Basque. "I'll sort the supper out on my way back," she called from halfway up the stairs, "you two can amuse each other for twenty minutes can't you." Again it was a hint so blatant Peter felt sure he was being given the green light. Alone with her lover's husband Vera took the initiative, unhooking the three belts that had crossed and circled her body she unzipped the front of the catsuit almost to her navel, revealing the soft curves of her small breasts. Then she rubbed the back of her neck, stretching the lycra even more tightly. "You wouldn't believe how hot these things are," she said by way of explanation. "I think its you that's hot," Peter said thickly, "you've been winding me up all night." "Moi? ha - ha, Peter I've always been a prick teaser." "Oh come on, you're gagging for it, you know you are." He lunged and grabbed Vera's breasts and tried to plant a slobbery kiss on her lips. Lesley had been right, he had no finesse. "Wait." It was the voice of command. "If you hold off until your wife gets back I know she has something special planned for you. But take it slowly, savour it. Now kiss me properly, I'm thirsty but I want Champagne not spittle." After a few seconds kissing Vera pulled her mouth away. "I like to have my neck nuzzled, you're a dentist so I'm sure your tongue is very hygienic but if you stick it any further down my throat I'll have to bite it." Meekly Peter did as he was told and was almost overcome by the most heady scent he had ever encountered. "You know, you have an enchantingly sexy wife but to bring out the best in a woman you have to take things slowly. Instead of just ramming your tongue in her throat why not try this?" Vera moved forward to a kissing position and traced the outline of her victim's lips with the tip of her tongue. Peter's head was somewhere else now, the solid shapes of the room were melting and blending into each other and his nervous system was sending confusing messages. Vera was speaking to him, her face only inches away from his, her intense eyes delving into his deepest consciousness. "You see Pete, to made love to a woman properly you must learn to think like a woman, you have to put yourself inside a woman's body. Open your mind to me Pete and I'll show you, relax. Its easy if you don't resist, let yourself flow into me..." Lesley was surprised when Peter walked into the kitchen, even more surprised when he spoke in a deeper version of Vera's voice. The short conversation was unnerving, her husband's body stood before her but it was her female lover who spoke, whose gestures bearing and mannerisms she observed. "Go and train your husband. His mind is in my body, he will feel everything I would feel when we make love. Show him what you want from him. But remember our deal." "What are you going to do?" "Find that Champagne for a start." * Lesley went to her lover's slender body lying half asleep on the long sofa. Pete's voice was far away, words came slowly with long pauses between them. "Wha'... kep' you... do know... bitch... 's crazy. She... all over soon as you... were out room." "Actually she told me she would rather put her tits in the blender than let you anywhere near them again. We were going to give you a threesome, what you've always wanted, but you scared her off." "Bit too horny for her am I?" "Yes, but only in the way that a bull rhinoceros is horny. Pete, the whole point of what we planned was to help you be a better lover." "Me...I'mmm...urgh...sommins wrong...what?" "Its OK, its OK." "Why am I in 's kit, no, not right I got..." "Peter, you're hallucinating. Did you pick the wrong drink up in the pub, there were some weird types in there." "My body - wrong..." "You're OK, your pulse is normal, your not fevered." "I... got tits...I no... that mad bitch has drugged me." "Relax, here let me." And Lesley unzipped the catsuit and lay down along the smooth slim body, her hands stroking gently as she sought the pink nipples, kissed lightly around them and flicked the hard buds with the tip of her tongue. Peter was incoherent now, making sounds that were a mixture of pleasure and panic as his mind fought to make sense of what was happening and how Vera's body was responding to it, back arching to ease the removal of the catsuit and lace thong. Lesley's lovemaking was all, lips and tongue, teeth and fingertips. She knew now all the sensitive places and how to approach them. Mouth, breasts, neck, ears, navel, all received their fair share of attention. Everywhere on the body can be made an erogenous zone by a skilled and patient lover and now the lessons of recent days were put to good use. Peter was lost in confusion, sensations that should have been happening on the outside of his body were going on deep inside. He was aware of a wetness between legs that felt as though they did not belong to him and as his wife moved down his body and let her well manicured nails wander through the bush of pubic hair he looked down through unfamiliar eyes to see not an erection rising from his fair pubic patch but instead, between two small mounds topped by hard, tingling nipples, beyond a softly rounded stomach, Lesley's face flushed with lust, about to make contact with what lay beneath the delta of dark hair. The narcotic he had inhaled was in full control of his brain now, he mumbled, unable to form words as he tried to rise above the insanity that had overtaken him. ?He was not a woman, he was Pete the joker, the eight handicap golfer, king of the quiz team. Lesley looked fondly at the familiar vagina, at the small beads of sweet honey forming on the outer lips, a few gentle flicks with the tip of the tongue and Vera's responsive body was opening. Peter wanted to throw off his tormentor but at this stage his limbs would not respond to commands. And then Lesley's voice broke through the fog in his head. "Listen arsehole, I want you to remember the next bit, whatever else you forget you must remember this." And she slid two fingers already lubricated into the eager vulva and began to caress the little button of nerve endings that hid at the upper end. The supine body rose up to meet the caress. "See, a finger on each side like that, so that the pressure is not too intense, and you can do it as long as you like; there's no ten second countdown." Now it was time to get serious and a probing tongue excited outer and inner lips. Vera was usually a great talker when her mouth was free during lovemaking but this time Lesley had to gauge responses by touch alone. It was not hard as a massive orgasm convulsed her lover's body and brought an inarticulate protest from her husbands voice. Breasts had become the focus of the afterplay when an androgynous voice interrupted, "You'd better be that good next time its just me." "Hi, you OK?" "I'd rather like my body back, the one I'm in took the drug as well as his mind you know." "Yeah. How did you do that? Swap brains - I mean minds." "Yeah, never confuse the mind and the brain Neurosurgeons work on brains, witches work on minds. Now how? Its all about the power of suggestion and getting barriers down. Did you enjoy date - raping your hubby?" "It was your body though." "Yes but he felt everything, I was sitting in the next room wearing his willie and wondering if he'd mind my having a wank." "He wouldn't have liked that. Very insistent that he never wanked as a kid." "Wow, he does have problems. I get more and more confident I'm going to collect on our deal. Now let's bring him round and break the trance." * A year later Vera and Lesley missed the Halloween karaoke but they sang their songs together in a hotel room overlooking the Mediterranean. Later in bed Vera kissed the swollen belly that carried their baby. It had been the last act of a failing marriage before Peter's breakdown. Copyright (c)2006, Ian R. Thorpe
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