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New Posts The Apprentice Is Back
Boggart blog says "welome back
to Sir Alan Sugar and the hapless

Poetically Nautical Miles
Apart -

Obama says his administration is
an ocean liner rather than a
Oo-er, The Titanic was an Ocean
Liner. boggart Blog comes up with
some nautical metaphors for
Gordon Brown's government

New Primary Curriculum?
The new curriculum for primary
schools will include lessons in
twittering and blogging. But don't
the kids know more about this
stuff than the teachers?


One Recession For The Rich

Madeline bunting knows who will
be hit hardest when food price
inflation and other nasties bite

This is legal blackmail
Another view on Britain's medieval
libel laws that in the internet age
offer protection for the rich and
powerful from all criticism

Don't Cut Corners On School
Jamie Oliver has a lot to answer
for. A heartfelt plea to the government
not to abandon the healthy school
dinners project. Never mind the fact
that kids hate the healthy, pappy
taste - free shite.


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Boggart Blog Blog

Probably the funniest blog on the web. The Boggart Bloggers take daily swipes at a wide range of topics including politicical jiggery pokery, corporate bullshit, bureaucratic bollocks, religious jiggery popery, celebrity twaddle and all eight colours of crap. This proves Boggart Blog is pretty special as there are only seven colours of crap known to science.

Little Nicky Machiavelli

Much misunderstood, Niccolo Machiavelli suffred the cruel fate of having his name become a byword for trickery, deception and low cunning when in fact he hated those qualities and believed human nature was base and we should be well prepared to deal with the dishonourable behaviour of others . His descendant Little Nicky Machiavelli has no intention of letting a similar fate befall a second member of the family and tries to expose and highlight the evasions, deceptions, misrepresentations and downright lies of the establishment.

Huffington Post

One of the most popular current affairs sites on the web and perhaps the nearest thing yet to an online newspaper. Find sections on News, Politics, Business, Environment, Sport, Entertainment, Media, Living and humour.

Comment Is Free

"Comment is free but the fact is sacred" was the journalistic maxim of C.S. Scott, owner / editor of The Guardian newspaper for over fifty years. He believed in freedom of the press too and handed his company to an independent trust to ensure it never fell into the hands of rapacious or politically motivated proprietors. The Comment Is Free blog is an open discussion page where a wide range of articles on current topics are thrown open for discussion.

Iain Dale's Diary

British Conservative blogger, incredibly well informed on political issues and up to date on the current political goss. Don't expect entirely unbiased writing though, Iain is a Conservative after all. he redeems himself by having a wicked sense of humour though.

Order Order
Independent but leaning to the right, Guido Fawkes has a reputation for breaking political scandals and predicting the mishaps that befall our political organisations before they actually happen. In some ways similar to America's Druge Report but far wittier and more styulishly written.

Crooks and Liars

New Books, classic books, graphic novels e-books, audio books; fiction, biography, factual writing; here is a shopwindow for writers who self publish to promote and sell their work, for enthusiastic readers to review and discuss books they have read, for mainstream publishers to place their ads. We love to give a free plug to writers who have not found a commercial publisher or to small publishers working for love of the job to help new or unfashionable writers to find an audience but even boggarts like our Chief Ectoplasmic Officer Jenny Greenteeth have to eat sometimes so the corporate guys can pay. If you want to share a pasion for an obscure, overlooked or forgotten author be they from the ancient world or the late tewntieth century, tell us about it. We do ask that you respect copyright though. It may be fashionable on the web to sneer at Corporate profiteering, but most writers, musicians and artists make very little money themselves and they deserve our support.

The Nose On Your Face

American right wing news spoof, most famous for creating the Islamic Rage Boy character. Always worth reading even it it makes us European lefties spit with rage, for the brilliant comedy spoofs, the afore mentioned Islamic Rage Boy, The Obamessiah.


U.S. Feminist blog, pulls no punches on political and womens issues. Very strongly against the stance of the religious right and the evangelical Christian movement on issues relating to abortion and contraception.

Americas Right Thouh quite left wing myself I like this blog because t is stylishly written and well presented and offers a different perspective on the attitudes of American conservatives that the hysterical misrepresentation of the Obamessiah - cult influenced mainstream media. And if we only read people who affirm our point of view we are never going to learn anything are we?


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