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Most of the proposed "aterternative" sources for clean, sustainable energy are a sham aimed more at protecting the interests of big business rather than protecting the planet. Biofuel is no exception. Growing crops to make bioethanol at a time when food scarcities are becoming more acute. Biofuel technologies are wasteful of resources, damaging to agricultural land and do not really have much prospect of reducing carbon emissions. So why is "President - elect" Obama making a big commitment to biofuel technology when it can only serve the interests of big business? Is it an example of "change you can believe in."
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Power To The People #1 - When Presidents Turn Green

by ianrthorpe @ 2005-07-17 - 17:31:59

LINK: I'm rather concerned to read that "President - elect" Obama, as part of his promise to head a geener administration than George W. Bush has backed the development of bioethanol technologies to provide fuel for cars. It isn't just that bioethanol is a bad technology from an environmental point of view but that in his State Of The Union address at the beginning of 2007 Bush declared his support for bioethanol as a green fuel. So Obama follows Bush yet again; is this an example of the "change you can believe in" The Obamessiah promised the American electorate?

When Dr. David Banner starts to turn green its the bad guys who need to be afraid because the arrival of the Incredible Hulk is imminent. But when an American President announces he is turning green we should all be very afraid... Because it means the corporate conspiracy are up to something.

If you missed the news item the President - elect announced that as part of his plan to reduce America's carbon emissions by 20% he would be sponsoring an initiative to encourage the agricultural sector of the economy to get into the petroleum business by growing Corn (Maize) and Soya crops from which ethanol can be produced. The biofuel is then added to oil based petroleum thus reducing the amount of carbon put into the atmosphere.

On the face of it the idea sounds rather crackpot, so what is it really about?

The first thing to spring to mind is that it is nothing but a cynical ploy by the Democrats to buy popularity for the incoming administration. The mid-west, the corn belt, is the Republican heartland, the area that will be crucial in future elections. Support for the Grand O;ld Pasrty as it used to be affectionately know has been eroded more in the agricultural west than anywhere by rising oil prices, the credit crunch that has seen banks calling in ovrdrafts and refusing the loans farmers need for seed, new equipment and other business essentials.The mid west did not swing behind Obama in the election though, they merely stayed at home and did not vote on election day. It would only need the Republicans to get the vote out in four years time and Obama would be a one - term President. Giving a big boost to the farming communities by inventing a new market for cash crops that the USA currently have far too much capacity to produce would be a sound political move.

The second possibility is that the move is purely political and aimed at reducing America's dependency on politically unstable or possibly hostile nations such as Russia, Venezuela or Iran for the means to supply the greedy economy's oil habit. In either case the proposal does not make economic or scientific sense.

Growing the biofuel crops is hardly a job for small, environmentally aware farming operations. The production units would have to be vast, highly mechanised farms capable of growing maize or soya by the square mile rather than by the acre. Farming would have to be intense, with only two crops to rotate and margins so tight as to remove the opportunities for leaving areas fallow, the policy would create perfect conditions for a repeat of the 1930s dustbowl social disaster.

The farms would have no option but to dump huge quantities of chemical fertilizers on the land thus polluting the water table and affecting wildlife and human population.

Then we get to the bottom line. The President says he plans to set in train a process that will eventually reduce emissions by 20%. Ethanol only reduces carbon emissions by 13% against oil; based fuels. And that is without counting the carbon released during the manufacture of fertilizer, the agricultural tasks from ploughing to transporting the harvested crop and the huge, energy hungry processing plants needed to convert the crops first to sugar and then to alcohol. Without doing the maths in fine detail it becomes clear that the great green initiative could actually result in pumping more greenhouse gases and chemical pollutants into the atmosphere per gallon of fuel in your tank. As I said the economics do not make any sort of sense.

So really the only logic behind this bizarre announcement would appear to be that Obama for all his talk of hopes dreams and visions still has no realistic policies to tackle America's problems and no coherent plan to make America independent of the wider world in oil. It also indicates that far from having policies, Obama and the gang of sychophants and placemen he has recruited to his administration have little understanding of the true nature of the problems facing their country.

Assuming Obama manages to slither out unsoiled from the mess currently enveloping Blagojevich and the other Chicago bottom feeders who have in the past counted among the closest political associates of the "President Elect" has a very steep learning curve ahead of him, his first task being to understand he has been elected President of The United States and not President of The World.

When The White house turns green be afraid, be very afraid.


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Britain's newly installed Secretary of State for Energy, Grant Shapps, is still learning the job so perhaps we should cut him some slack, but even so a statement he made on our energy supply today shows astounding ignorance of technical details relating to his portfolio.
Answering a question in Parliament this morning about Britain's ability to reach its target of getting 40% of our energy needs from sustainable sources, Shapps sneered that it was not possible for us to reach 40% now as we already get 43% from wind. Unfortunately the sneering sarcasm was misplaced but served to reveal the man in charge of energy policy does not know the difference between energy and electricity.

Biofuels - The Great Green Folly
As the promises that wind and solar power could meet all our energy needs is exposed as pseudo - scientific twaddle by the wind's refusal to blow steadily all the time and the sun's refusal to shine at night, few of the alternative energy sources hyped as a replacement for fossil fuels. Of those, biofuel looks the next most likely to say, "If you hadn't over hyped me I coulda been somebody, 'stead of a bum. I coulda been a contender.

The Futility Of Wind Farms.In some ways the Conservative / Liberal Democrat coalition has made quite a good start in government. One area they are set to fail badly however is energy. Driven by politically correct thinking the coalition are set to follow Labour down the road that goes through wind power and eventually leads nowhere. Wind turbines look fine on paper. If they generate at their optimum output for 365 days a year the contribution to energy needs looks like a viable business proposition. The problem is due to the limitations of the technology and the vagaries of the weather wind farms are doing well if they operate at a quarter of their potential output.
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