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For Money
Years ago I was helping my daughter with a school project on the environment when this idea occurred to me. I would be very surprised if something similar has not been done many times already, but its a message that cannot be repeated too often. Our environment, children, animals, the land and the seas are all precious and irreplaceable. Would we sacrifice it all for money

For Money
by Ian R Thorpe
March 2003
CREATIVE COMMONS: Attribute, non commercial, no derivs.
KEYWORDS: money, education, child, children, environment, human, land, seas, poem, poetry, verse

( the opening couplet is from Tyge Tyger by William Blake)

"Tiger Tiger burning bright
In the forest of the night"
Tear off its skin for money

Elephant, giant of the plains
Full of strength and full of grace
Saw off its tusks for money

Blue Whale, monarch of the ocean
Inspires in men a creative notion.
Render its flesh and make money

Wailing, helpless human babe
To our child how do we behave
Destroy its world and make MONEY

For Money - text
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In Byzantium
Magic Money
Money Fruit
Interesting Times

  • Love Like ChainsTo many people love is the thing that sets them free but to some it is a prison. This poem by English poet Ian R. Thorpe looks at how some women in particular are slaves to jealousy and wear their love like chains.
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